In recent years, Europe has had to address the consequences of violent extremism (VE) within its own borders. Yet, violent extremism is a global problem. Often, it is regions already struggling with political instability and economic inequality that are most often confronted with extremist ideologies and the violence they can unleash. By working with international partners with local roots, the EU seeks to tackle the root causes of VE, aiming to stop extremism in its tracks before it erupts in violence. If you are unfamiliar with counter terrorism and the prevention of violent extremism (C/PVE), this introduction is a good place to start.

This website spotlights some of the EU’s work on C/PVE in three focus areas: developing local solutions, people that make a difference and new approaches.

People that make a difference

Developing local solutions

New approaches


It is important to note that the projects on this website were not chosen because they are the ‘biggest’ in terms of money or numbers of people. They are simply a handful of examples of the exceptional work being done under the STRIVE programme by our partners around the world to counter and prevent VE. We hope they will bring to life the value of this work for local communities and the individuals who live there.

Preventing and countering violent extremism will continue to be a crucial aspect of the European Union’s approach to counterterrorism. You can find out more about the EU’s continued actions in this article.

This website is based on the brochure Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism – Stories from the EU’s work around the globe.